Discover Maple Syrup

Our farm is located at the northern tip of the Green Mountains and has been producing real maple syrup for years. Our products are pure maple products without any additives and come directly from Mother Nature to your table.

Many maple syrup producers add animal derivatives to their syrup to inhibit foaming, but our pure syrup uses no animal products. Our equipment is used solely for processing our syrup. Our standards qualify our syrup for strict vegetarian use. Since the 2001 sugar session we are officially recognized by Ecocert (certified organic).

The history of maple syrup

American settlers learned Maple Sugaring from native Americans who collected the sap by slashing the bark of maple trees in springtime when daytime temperatures rose above freezing and nighttime temperatures remained below the freezing point.

Today sap is collected in buckets or by a tubing system and is brought to the sugar cabin where it is concentrated into pure maple syrup.

Depending on the sugar concentration, it takes between 30 and 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

How to use pure de Winter’s Maple Syrup

Of course pure maple syrup goes wonderfully with pancakes, waffles and crêpes, but it can also be used to replace honey or sugar in recipes, giving a distinctive taste. For recipes in many different languages, please consult this site: